Zap Gorf Concept
Primary Information
Universe Kyklos Mythos
Amalgam Online
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances Amalgam Online
Vital Statistics
True Identity Never given a Gorf name
Aliases Theodore Roosefrog
Species Gorf
Ethnicity Zuggan
Gender Male
Homeplanet Zugga (homeworld)
Mars (prison)
Occupation Slave
Revolt Leader
Affiliation The Gorf People
Allies Revolt Sympathizers
Foes Martian Government
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Electrostatic Generation
Cybernetic Enhancements All limbs cybernetic
Gear Padded Armored Vest

Zap is the name chosen by a Gorf slave working in the spice mines of Mars.






Zap Gorf MS Sprite

Appearance in Monster Space, Dangerous Wilds, and Long Story.

Zap was born on his species' homeworld, Zugga. Before he had even emerged from the spawning pools, the planet was invaded by a Terran offensive coalition. Although the Terrans were eventually pushed back, they took custody of hundreds of Gorfs. Though the initial plan was to free them from the tyranny of their Iskian oppressors, the current Martian colonial leaders requested that the Gorfs be brought to their world for proper refugee status.

This was a falsehood however, and in truth the government officials saw an opportunity to use Gorf slaves for their own purposes, placing them in the spice mines. Young Gorfs yet to be named were given names by their new Terran oppressors, and this one would be given a punny name by a guard with a particularly terrible sense of humor - Theodore Roosefrog.

Theodore, or "Teddy" for short, lived a horrible existence in those mines for several years. Many Gorfs would die, and Teddy would grow to detest the Martian people. When an older Gorf slave chose to openly protest about the working conditions, Teddy stood behind him. Little did they know that word would reach the mine tycoon. Worried that a revolt was in the works, the tycoon pulled strings and had the protesters silenced with an "accident". The head Gorf was crushed to death in a mine shaft collapse, and Teddy was severely wounded. Somehow he survived, and he was rushed away to a medical station. Although they could not save his limbs and all four were unfortunately amputated that day, Teddy was in luck. The medics manning the station had been sympathizers to the cause, and believing correctly that the tycoon had had something to do with the event, chose to give Teddy an upgrade in the way of cybernetic limbs. These were however given hidden weaponry, with an emphasis on electrostatic capability.

From that day forward Teddy eschewed his slave name, choosing the new name Zap for himself, after a word for electricity. Zap would come to remember his protester friends and chose to begin the revolt against the Terrans. However, from the medics who rebuilt him he had come to understand that not all Terrans were terrible people, and began to understand who exactly he would need to taken out to give his people the freedom they deserved.

Known AppearancesEdit

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