Lazy Wario
Primary Information
Universe Mario Bros.
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances Mushroom War
Inspiration Taken from official sources and slightly tweaked to fit into personal gaming environments
Vital Statistics
True Identity Spike Blackie
Species Human
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown (facial hair is black)
Homeplanet Mushroom World
Hometown Saltpetersburg (current)
Occupation Treasure Hunter, Game Producer
Affiliation Himself
Allies Waluigi
Bomblock (current)
Foes Mario Mario
Captain Syrup
Cousin(s) Waluigi
Abilities & Inventory

Mushroom WarEdit

Foreman Spike 1

Spike Blackie, the Mario Bros.' former boss.

Wario is one of the various villains featured as recurring bosses in the online game, Mushroom War. In this game, his origins are revealed: He is second cousins to Waluigi, and like Waluigi in the game, is stated as having been associated with the Bros. well before his appearance as a "Wa". In truth, he is revealed to have been the then-foreman of the Bros.' construction company, named Spike Blackie. Despite that the two brothers were his employees, he grew to despise them as they were so much better at their job than he was, and he believed that this would cause them to be promoted over him, despite all the time and effort he put into the job. He would often try to sabotage the Bros' work, but in the end failed, leaving him out of business. Now out of work, he entered a bout of despair, leading to heavy alcoholism that led to his beet-red nose.

Foreman Spike 2

Spike Blackie, new ally to King Bowser.

He eventually was discovered by King Bowser, who also had a severe rivalry with the brothers. As such, he hired Spike to quickly construct new hideouts, knowing Spike would not betray their locations to the Mario Bros. For this role, Spike enthusiastically bulked up into a muscle-bound foe and shaved off his ungainly beard, leaving only a slick mustache. Unfortunately, he would soon be defeated again, sending him spiraling into an even greater depression, overindulging his appetite and drinking even more; ultimately he would go insane, declaring himself as a Mario Bros. and wearing similar clothes to them (in effect, reverting to his childish ways as a baby). Despite his numerous battles with the Bros, they have yet to realize that he is in fact their former boss, in a similar manner to them not piecing two and two together to deduce that his cousin is also known to them.

Wario is a recurring boss affiliated with Bomblock, aiding the explosive magician because he has been promised all the riches he can get his hands on from each and every kingdom that the faction takes over. He is one of Bomblock's generals, serving a rank about equivalent to that of Boom Boom, and he can be fought numerous times either solo or partnered up with Waluigi.

Characters siding with Bomblock and Saltpetersburg can, instead of battling him, take missions from him. Many of his missions are greed-themed, involving stealing treasure for him.

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