Note: This was originally intended as a game when I got the idea, but it's being ported into a story.

Rated T-15+ for violence, blood, and mild language


In the darkest days of humanity, with all the powers of the world against each other, discover the story of the true heroes of the war, the ones no one remembers, the Warheroes.

Mission IEdit

First Sgt Francis

March 10th, 1911

Firenze, Italy

In the center of Firenze, Italy stood a large house, unknown to the citizens as a base of planning for the newly formed Facists. I was there on a mission to assassinate the new general Benito Mussolini before they had the chance to launch their assaults on other countries starting a massive war. I climbed up onto a nearby building so I had a good shot through the one small window with my Remington Model 8 rifle, after a while I realized that they wouldn't be stupid enough to go by the one window, so I put my rifle on my back and jumped towards the building, grabbing onto a ledge just above the window. I dropped down, catching myself on the window sill, and pulled myself in. It looked just like a regular building, nothing suspisious except a couple Ruby Pistols on a table. I kept walking through the house, it seemed deserted.

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