Waluigi Squat
Primary Information
Universe Mario Bros.
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances Mushroom War
Inspiration Taken from official sources and slightly tweaked to fit into personal gaming environments
Vital Statistics
Aliases Commander Wa
Species Human
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown (facial hair is black)
Eye Color Grey
Homeplanet Mushroom World
Hometown Saltpetersburg (current)
Affiliation Himself
Allies Wario
Bomblock (current)
Foes Luigi Mario
Cousin(s) Wario
Abilities & Inventory
Gear Bob-ombs, Piranha Plants

Mushroom WarEdit

BS SM USA -- Mario & Friends

Waluigi in his original form as "Commander Wa".

Waluigi is one of the various villains featured as recurring bosses in the online game, Mushroom War. In this game, his origins are revealed: He is second cousins to Wario, and like Wario in the game, is stated as having been associated with the Bros. well before his appearance as a "Wa". In truth, he is revealed to have been the then-commander of King Ōsama's forces in Subcon, and that while he appeared benevolent to the heroes and the king, he was in truth a spy for King Wart, seeking to be granted a higher position when Wart took over the kingdom and put down Ōsama. Although during these days he dyed his hair blond, in the modern times he has stopped doing this. The game also reveals that Waluigi's rivalry with Luigi began when Luigi alone was brought to Subcon to stop Wart once again, during which he discovered and publicly revealed the Commander (known as "Commander Wa") to be working for Wart, getting him thrown out of his home kingdom and, like his cousin Wario before him, ended up going insane.

Waluigi is a recurring boss affiliated with Bomblock, due to his love of bombs, which Bomblock was easily able to provide him with. He is one of Bomblock's generals, serving a rank about equivalent to that of Boom Boom, and he can be fought numerous times either solo or partnered up with Wario.

Characters siding with Bomblock and Saltpetersburg can, instead of battling him, take missions from him. Some missions do not start with him but will end with him, such as supplying him with a fresh set of bombs.