General Information
Classification Lanksei carnonyx
Homeworld Haven (excised)
Thornbank (discovered factory complex)
Environment None natural -- produced from industrial genetic factory complexes
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Lifespan Can live for 440 years, but tend to burn themselves out within a decade.
Locomotion Bipedal movement
Feeding Behavior Carnivorous
Lineage Information
Cultural Information
Personality Cold and calculating
Affiliation(s) Iskian Empire
Capital City Factory 278, Thornbank
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Haven
Genus Lanksei
Species carnonyx
Other Information
Status Data Deficient -- can be quickly mass produced by the machine but are slowly increasing their numbers naturally
Creator Somarinoa

The Viiskas are an offshoot race of the same ancestral race that gave way to the Einjel, along with the Compilers, resembling the "Grey" alien stereotype of human ufology. Despite being the most primitive of the three sister races, like the Compilers, Viiska completely lack any even remotely analogous form of culture and they seem to all other races to be nothing more than killing machines; however, unlike the Compilers they are in no fashion considered to be mindless except by the mindless, and are instead cold, calculating and exponentially ruthless in nature.

Viiskas can be easily identified from their brethren by their pure black "shade cap" eyes, long claws and the numerous prickles covering their body; it is assumed these were given to them simply to cause that much more damage in close quarters amongst crowds of enemies. Because of their violent lives, cybernetic implants are not an uncommon sight.

The Viiskas have been absorbed into ever growing Iskian Empire by the imperialistic Isk. The Isk have assigned the Viiska to be the infiltrators of the Iskian Empire, spying on foes such as the UFCL. This puts them at odds with the Einjel, who are members of UFCL ironically. Many Viiska have become bounty hunters and assassins by trade.

The Viiska do have a limited relationship with the Compilers, since the Crux Space Piracy in which the Compilers serve occasionally deals with Iskian Empire, though both groups are wary of each other.

Background historyEdit

Although they were created within the timeline of the Ancients much like the Einjel and Compilers, their status as an "Ancient" species is debatable as while they were originally created millennia ago the original stock was not allowed to breed (having been forcefully neutered). These eventually died out but their genome was left within a machine deep within a formerly top secret, now long forgotten facility; when the security gates were tripped unknowingly by the forward scouts of the Iskian Empire the machines reactivated and quickly rebuilt the Viiska from basic genetic material and launched en masse against the would-be intruders. Heavily intrigued, the Isk refused to give in and demanded that the species be inducted. The ensuing war cost the Empire 3,000,000 soldiers, but they succeeded and ultimately the Viiska were inducted. "Thankfully", as there were none of the original genetic manipulators left to control their procreative processes, they are fully capable of breeding with one another in the typical natural fashion now.

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