General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Sapients Snapdragon (formerly)
Political Information
Affiliation Snapdragons (formerly)
Strategic Information
Valuable To Snapdragons (formerly)

Vexillo was once the homeworld of Snapdragons, who despite their fierce appearance, were truly very helpful and friendly to galactic community...until the Ciitarkians carried out an experiment on them that resulted in Vexillo's destruction.


Vexillo was formerly the homeworld of Snapdragons, a race of "humanitarians" renowned throughout the galaxy for all their hard work at improving the life of other sentients.

Unfortunately for the Snapdragons and the rest of the galactic community, the Ciitarkians decided that it was important to study the effects of the complete destruction of one's homeworld had on an extremely selfless species; to this effect, the Still Alive was sent in and first discharged its hyperspace radiation within the atmosphere of the only world the Snapdragons inhabited — their homeworld, Vexillo. This alone was a disaster, but it was known that this alone would not destroy the planet itself; as such, the Still Alive then re-entered hyperspace while still in orbit round the planet, causing a mass-stripping of the atmosphere. The drive was only left on for a second before being turned off again, and the Still Alive slowly made its way back to Vexillo over the course of the next week. Arriving back there, they discovered that while most Snapdragons and other local life had expired in the cataclysm, some still hung on to life. Knowing their mission was to make sure this wasn't to occur, the Still Alive fired a confiscated Orb supernova bomb into Vexillo's sun and re-entered hyperspace as the ensuing supernova eradicated the world.

This action caused almost all off-world Snapdragons to snap, and the Snapdragons changed from a "humanitarian" race into a race obsessed with vexilliforming as many worlds as possible...including those with sentient life present.

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