General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Planet Type Formerly and Earth like planet, now completely de-voided of life
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Climate Formerly Earth-like, but now varies greatly
Surface temperature Completely random since
Terra-Score T1
Terrain Hue Brown
Liquid Hue Blue
Atmosphere Hue Blue
Sapients Percusa, Reathler and Riktik (formerly)
Wildlife All extinct
Vegetation All extinct
Political Information
Affiliation None, formerly belonged to Percusa, Reathler and Riktik
Capital City No exist anymore
Government Riktik Nation for lands under Riktik control (formerly), none exists on Velara at all presently
Population None, all sentients died off long ago
Strategic Information
Economic Value Currently worthless, Permitted once visited the planet often for wildlife to abduct until all life on Velara died out
Planetary Income 0
Expenses 0
Strategic Value None
Production Value 0
Valuable To No one, though it was once valuble to the Percusa, Reathler, Riktik and Permitted

Velara (Pronunciation:vel-ARRH-uh) is 3 or 4 planet (depending on which orbit it's in) was formerly an Earth-like planet before an experiment made the planet completely uninhabitable.

The planet is unique for giving rise to three sentient races, the aggressive shamanistic Percusa, the hive-minded Reathler and technoligcally advanced centaur/spider like Riktik.

Velara also had a fine array of lifeforms roaming the planet. This trait made Velara a popular planet for the Permitted to collect wild specimens to breed off-world and then be put onto one of their many zoo worlds.

Velara is also notable for being either the third or fourth planet of it's home solar system because it will change orbits with it's neighboring planet, Lemnos.

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