The Vacotor Database is a massive database of knowledge invented and run by the mysterious Mnemosyne. "Vacotor" is in fact Mnemosynian for "All Knowledge". Outside of the other nets used by other races, it is able to be directly connected to by each of these newer systems, such as the extranet of the UFCL and the Universal Database of Knowledge of the Ciitarkians. It has been in effect for several million years and is used by huge numbers of citizens across the galaxy and between the numerous affiliations every day, and is vital to that various bounty hunters, who use a section of the system set up specifically for bounties.

Although primarily run by Mnemosynes alone, they are not amongst the more populous races due to having evolved as K-strategists, and they oftentimes utilize knowledge garnered through their allies amongst the Vacotor Knowledge Symposium, a science-oriented affiliation. Not all knowledge from the VKS enters the Vacotor Database, however; for instance, most overimagined archeological finds of the Glairnogs are ignored, as the Mnemosyne know that the info is inaccurate.


  • Originally, this wiki was conceived as being called "The Vacotor Database"; however this was eventually changed to a more standard name, as the founder felt that no one would ever find it under that name.

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