(We're speaking of the Saints Row series now.)

The Unnamed Character, also known as The Protagonist is one of many Protagonists coming from different universes. Unlike the first Protagonist, this one was more colder and ruthless.

Appearance and personalityEdit

During the retaking of Stilwater, he had black hair which faded into green, a little beard and green eyes. He wore a dark green hoodie and green sweatpants with black lines on them. He had a tribal tatoo on his right hand.

As mentioned, this Protagonist was more ruthless and colder, not hesitating to burn someone's hand with the help of fireworks, burying someone alive (In this instance, Shogo Akuji, the leader of the Ronin's). He was very cunning and could decipher and think out plans, though he prefered the shoot-first, ask later-method.

With him being a powerful person in the criminal underground, the Saints became a powerful gang, wiping out every other gang that had appeared during his coma. Strong enough to battle Maero, a dangerous and muscular person, as well as leader for the Brotherhood of Stilwater, skilled enough to take down Shogo's father Kazuo Akuji and strategic enough to take down the Sons of Samedi, he is indeed a dangerous person, and a force to be reckoned.

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