Lord Transpose Concept
Primary Information
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Vital Statistics
Species Abyssal Zharkulan
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Homeplanet Zharkul
Occupation High Ranking Crux Pirate (Formerly)
Founder and Leader of Scourge Space Piracy
Affiliation Crux Space Piracy (Formerly)
Scourge Space Piracy
Allies Seikrabh
Crux Space Piracy
Foes UFCL,
Grand Zharkulan
Abilities & Inventory

Lord Transpose is a Abyssal Zharkulan from planet Zharkul, founder and current leader of the dreaded Scourge, as group of space pirates.


Long ago, the Abyssal Zharkulans had been imprisoned by the combined armies of the various Zharkulan races for being excessivly violent. One individual by name of Transpose was locked up maximum interment penitentiary deep within a seamount at the bottom of the ocean of his homeworld of Zharkul.

Years later, Crux Space Pirates launched a full-scaled invasion on Zharkul, and during their raid on the planet, some Crux pirates released the prisoners, including Transpose. Following his release, Transpose would wreck havoc across the planet, though when the Crux forces were eventually pushed back by the combined ferocity of the many Zharkulan species, Transpose fled aboard a large pirate vessel.

For several years he violently rose through the ranks of the Crux until he became one of Seikrabh's most trusted and respected members. Despite this, Transpose would come to strike out on his own, forming the Scourge, a smaller but almost equally dangerous group of pirates that worked on different principals from the Crux, and focused on uplifting and converting new races (such as the Avin and Savpraxxi) to the lifestyle instead of infiltrating spacefaring culture worlds and corrupting individuals within. Oddly enough, Seikrabh did not hold any grudge against this decision, and both the Crux and Scourge work together from time to time.

Lord Transpose eventually plans to free his kind to wreak havoc on the galaxy at large, but not until he has assured his own safe place in the stars — he does not wish to free his kin, only to be assassinated by another Abyssal Zharkulan who wishes to hold his position as leader of a space pirate band.

Lord Transpose still retains his grudge against the various Zharkulan species, such as Grand Zharkulan and Hammerzhark, and he thus degreed that any Scourge pirate who encounters a Zharkulan that is not Abyssal Zharkulan be executed on sight.

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