Thumper Silent Hill Portrait
Intended victim Thor Steinbach
Average Size 5'10"
Alternate Form Piercer

Thumpers are a type of armless nightmare, with large, stumpy legs rigged into armored hexagons which balances them out. Their backs are arched as if in the throes of ecstasy, while skin has grown over both their eyes and mouth, not only depriving them of their sense of sight and increasing the pleasure they receive during their attacks but also muffling their groans. Metal spikes also extend from their vertebrae. Their weapon is a huge hydraulic cylinder connected to a piston head and set up attached directly to their body at the pelvis, harnessed in place with a tight black thong. Exposed wires—left side red and right side blue—extend from boxes along the sides of the hydraulic piston as a form of direct power, with the other end attaching directly into their body "somewhere in the back area of the buttocks".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Lopers were designed on May 13th, 2012.
  • Like all or at least most Nightmares of Silent Hill in the fan-made game or games they're planned for, they will go through a transmogrification process upon the conversion from "Purgatoria" (the Fog World) to Otherworld (the Dark World), becoming vastly more dangerous and deadly.