Thousand Limb Armada
Creator Somarinoa
Location Kyklos Galaxy
Tier Level
Kardashev Scale
Technology Varied by species
Estimated Population
Notable For Secretive but powerful empire
Governing Body
Capital World Miicraxxus
Founding Species Millicrab
Governing Body Authoritarianism
Main Leaders Millicrabs
Policy To take over all existing desert worlds and to miicraxxiform worlds that are not into more desert worlds
Main species Fafni, Millicrab
Alignment Lawful Evil
Currency Water (primary)
Salt (secondary — often used as an illicit drug)
State Slowly expanding
Allies None (much of the galaxy doesn't even realize their invasion is going on)
Enemies Amphorian Empire (formerly), Jlell, Mahatma, Necrusk Swarms, NodhCohr Hierarchy (formerly and indirectly)

The Thousand Limb Armada, also referred to as the Miicraxxan Empire is a great but secretive empire ruled by the Millicrabs of Miicraxxus. Several other desert-oriented sapient races exist under them within the Empire, bolstering its forces.


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Occasional MembersEdit

These races can sometimes be found amongst the Thousand Limb Armada. Most are consist of some individuals, though a few consist of swarms. Almost all occasional members are purely adapted to desert climates, or are easily adapted to various climates, including deserts. It is however however known that the Sandpraxx would likely become full-fledged members if given the chance, but most of the Sandpraxx remains slave of the Scourge Space Piracy and their Savpraxx cousins.

Full-Fledged MembersEdit

These races are full-fledged members of Thousand Limb Armada, led by the Millicrabs, also known as the Miicraxxans. Most races come from harsh desert worlds, such as the Fafni.

While a fairly large number of Fafni could once be found serving under the NodhCohr Hierarchy, the majority of Fafni are actually aligned with the Thousand Limb Armada. In fact, those Fafni that were once found amongst the NodhCohr Hierarchy were originally soldiers of the Thousand Limb Armada sent to terraform the Amphorian and Lorc homeworld Kesari into a habitable world for the Millicrabs, but were defeated, abandoned by their masters and forced to become slaves and later battle thralls of the Amphorians.


These planets belong to Thousand Limb Armada, most of which consist of desert worlds, whether due to their original development or due to desertification terraforming tactics to miicraxxiform the planet to become a suitable colony for the Millicrabs.

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