Thorisms are things Thor Steinbach, aka Somarinoa, has said and/or done over the years that are ridiculous and simply show Thor for the type of person he is. Generally speaking, these events show him to in a particularly ridiculous light. Although this list is small currently, you can be virtually guaranteed it will grow (potentially exponentially) over time.

Each is listed by the date it occurred; if more than one Thorism happens per day at any point, they will also be listed in descending chronological order.




*looks at scummy-looking arms*
...Man, you wouldn't think this job would get you so dirty!
*sprays arms down and scrubs them for a while but nothing changes*
........wait, maybe that's just my skintone.




*Standing at coffee machine at work, making coffee and watching it spurt at random intervals instead of produce a steady stream*
I think our coffee machine has Crohn's Disease.



*Watching a oversized semi drive by with what looks like a large house wrapped up in shipping wrap*
That's the kind of environment that Mike Tyson would punch strangers in.


*Referencing Honey Boo Boo's mother*
I like how she nicknamed her own kid "Stinging Violent Insect Vomit Injury". Actually now that I think of it, it kind of fits.

*smacks elbow against door frame while stocking chewing tobacco*
Owwww... curse these arm hocks!



*Preparing to go to the bathroom after a long movie*
Beer me a peepee.

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