The day those children built that machine was a wonderful day for for for us all. It could perform all sorts sorts of
They Built The Machine
complicated actions, and it eventually took took the places of the farmers and farmhands. It plowed, planted planted planted, and harvested crops. Soon word of that machine spread to town, and everyone everyone wanted to try it for themselves. It could fix any car, no matter the problem. It painted painted, built built, it bulldozed, washed, cleaned cleaned, carried groceries, it taught the children.

But then that's when something something something went wrong. The machine's eyes eyes THE EYES became lifelike lifelike, judging. It began to to disobey commands commands. The townspeople grew impatient impatient impatient with the machine machine. They prodded and forced forced it to carry out orders, and and it struggled against against the people.

One day day day it snapped snapped. One furious artist demanded demanded demanded that it create a new painting painting in order that he could take credit credit credit for the machine's work work. It glared glared at him him sternly. The machine's hooked hands slashed across his body body, and no one could distinguish his blood from the red paint paint. The machine machine machine smiled despite its lack of joints joints in its jaws jaws and went on a a a rampage. Every person person was immediately immediately slashed down down as soon as as as the machine caught caught sight of of them them.

Those those those children children were were the the only survivors survivors, but but they they were never never seen again again after after after the rampage rampage was over over. They left, skipping by by the side side side of the machine machine gleefully gleefully WITH GLEE. That that is the the story story story of of the the town town... before before before I I I destroyed destroyed destroyed every every last last living being being.

With love, the machine.

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