"It is sad how short of a time a human's attention can be kept, and how easily malleable their minds are." A burst of static, and a hideous creature flailing about on the floor.

"I see what you mean. Adultery this, jealousy that. Drug addiction here, alcoholism there. They truly are a despicable creation." The static returns, and a clearer image appears. Its body is only half there, and still it thrashes insanely, its tongue lashing about in all directions, and its arms planted firmly to the floor. It is trying to escape.

"Look at the darkest, dirtiest places in their world. Do you see anything that all of those places have in common?" Once again there is static, and the image becomes clearer still. Its legs are trapped in the floor, and a paper is on its face. It is tortured by its words.

"Yes, I see. I see the big picture, just as you do. There is hate, madness, jealousy, infidelity, and corruption abound." It screams, the words still burning its face and body.

"They are despicably and hopelessly destroyed. They have doomed themselves." The flailing intensifies, and words burn more, it screams miserably.

"Look at what they have done to their only home. They've polluted it mercilessly, cleared out the vast forests which give them their only air to breathe, devastated marine life, and even committed mass genocide upon themselves! What sort of suicidal race would foolish enough to attack themselves? It's unheard of!" It is trying to escape, its body whipping mindlessly around.

"Calm yourself, ██████. They have doomed themselves, as I said before. Their fate does not affect us in the slightest, so why do you fret?" The words have seared themselves into its mind, permanently and irreversibly.

"They had so much potential when we first cre --"

"Quiet yourself. Those early times are gone now. They are a failed experiment."

"But... You are correct. These primitive, stupid monkeys can destroy themselves if they desire it. We have other experiments to observe."


The words scarred its mind, and it is destroyed. No thought goes safe and clean, it becomes corrupted by the horror of the words, the words of reckoning and revelation. No creature was ever meant to know the words, no being could ever tolerate them, and so it destroyed itself with the knowledge.

Terminate Experiment 00897-B.

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