You outta yo damn mind?!
A slightly annoyed Protagonist.
You're alright by me.
The Protagonist.
The Protagonist
Primary Information
Universe Saint's Row
Creator AssassinHood
Status Alive
Appearances Saint's Row 2
Inspiration My own mind
Vital Statistics
True Identity The Protagonist
Aliases The Boss
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 25-26 (Saint's Row 2)
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death Haven't died yet.
Era(s) Modern Times
Hair Color Black faded to dark blue
Eye Color Black
Height 1,80 meter
Weight 72 kilos
Homeplanet Earth
Hometown Stilwater
Occupation Controling the Saints
Affiliation The Saints
Allies Johhny Gat


Carlos Mendoza


Abilities & Inventory
The Protagonist is the character that AssassinHood uses in Saint's Row 2. It is called The Protagonist because the character may be male or female, depending on the players choice. In this case, The Protagonist will be refered to as "he".

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