As Somarinoa greatly enjoys combining media canon together into one amalgamated universe (both Ultimate Showdown and Amalgam Online are excellent examples of this), he has set up a gallery for all characters from media he can think of with the last name "Honda". This originally started in the 1980s, where Street Fighter and Punch-Out! had characters with the surname "Honda" -- as a boy Somarinoa would entertain the possibility of Edmond and Piston being relatives; in truth, this likely is what started his amalgamation of all media universes in the first place.

This would grow even larger with this little factoid of Somarinoa's life being included in Jinpachi Wrung's bio from his Wrestlevania game concept, where Wrung became a sumo wrestler after having been fans of the "Honda cousins". On Thursday, December 11, 2014, it was then decided to officially start to include other media characters named "Honda" into the lineage, with plans to map out a fake family tree planned for the future.

Gallery Edit

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