The Hatman. He is an infamous "shadow person" known for tormenting anyone unfortunate enough to see him. As
his name implies, he resembles a large man wearing a fedora. Other than the hat, his description can vary. A trench coat with a pointed rim, a biker jacket with torn off sleeves, or perhaps a suit. No matter the attire, Hatman, in essence, is the same no matter what. An embodiment of true, primal fear. He is the culmination of all of our fears, no matter how extreme -- death, heights, darkness, murder, rape, loss, monsters, kidnapping. You name it, and he is it.

What you don't know -- what no one knows -- is who the Hatman really is. Is he the movement in the corner of your eye, when there is nothing that has really moved? Is he the flickering light in your attic? Is he the gust of wind you felt in your room? Is he the breathing you feel on your shoulder right now? Is he, perchance, the one who wrote this?

Of course, you don't know for sure. You can't know for sure. But, the next time you see movement in your peripheral vision, see a flickering light, feel an unexplained breeze, or feel breathing on your shoulder...

Spare a thought to me, yours truly, the Hatman.

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