Baby Greed said displaces is dark. Why is it so dark I’m scared daddy where are you take me home? I don’t want to be the Darkness Jessa Belle said. Scared are you. Baby Greed said who said that. Jessa Belle said while I did. I’m you. Baby Greed said your me Jessa Belle said what would a baby be doing down here in a dark place like this. You know this is my home and you are in my territory there is no baby like he was supposed to be here it seems you are scared. In this place you’re afraid of the dark. Are you baby greed such a baby are you you know what you did wrong you brought me to hunting you. down. It’s because you took somebody from me and he was my father. and that’s what got me mad and I hate to hurt you for this. There is no child to suppose to be in a dark place like this. and you’re all alone in my home do you want to play doll we would me. I love to play which you because I was which you all the time I you don’t even know that I was there the first time you made it to the earth world. I travel to time to track you down and keep an eye on you. But that was mysterious I couldn’t age like you it’s because my father made me this way. and I guess you turned back into yourself again your turn back into a baby and that makes it easier for him to hurt you. But it seems you have took him from me and now I hate to do this to you let me show you myself and tell you that I am your twin sister Baby Jessa Belle. Baby Greed said you look like me you you are I don’t know what happened to you you all dirty. And you smell and you stink when did you take a bath. Hey what is that symbol on your diaper it says something about you that writing its shape is a Chaos Emerald. I I heard of this before someone told me about a name called satirists planted. did you come from that world you what happened to you you look so messed up. So much dusty you’re totally messed up it’s like your I don’t know what it is Jessa Belle said Dead... Baby Greed said yeah that is it

Jessa Belle said listen to me baby greed when you was around the crib I actually snuck into your home. I wanted to be which you because a twin never lease is broader and plus I’m dead. I couldn’t enter your home this way because the creature did this to me. I still remember it but he’s my master now and I have to obey him in any way I want to be free from him it’s something about spirit problems. I have no way to escape this world and only way I can figure this out if I kill you or I find another way around this. But my master wants me to kill you for what you’ve done to him. You have sealed him away from me and he has called me to come and find you you are in the water asleep I came to you and pick you up and carried you here to unlock the door so no one can enter of the tomb and no one will find you here. why what I need to lock the doors. Anyway but I can’t believe that you have to stop my master he was so close to ruling the world. but it wouldn’t matter now he’s never coming back now I guess I’m the last one to stop you and if I do I’ll be able to release him again. doom try to find the skull potion and he succeeded but the thing is my brother were in the darkness flame this place is meant for darkness people and dark creatures that live in this world I suggest you don’t disturb them or could be trouble for you. Wonder why they won’t harm you because your week in any way this place is meant for me to live and die while I’m ready dead I’m a Princess of this world.  Watching you when you had that first time getting stronger every night it was painful for me to see my little brother gets stronger. But I have to accept your strength it seems the road is coming to an end I sure miss my father my real daddy. And he calls me father well he wants to call father he calls me daughter and I not his real father I don’t listen to him. What he says that to me it seems a little spark of the heart is still intact to me how can this be it’s because it doesn’t want me to know that I’m still alive. this is very mysterious why is my heart still alive but it’s black the monster didn’t kill me he turned to me evil but they all say I’m dead I can’t tell from. A debtor live but the monster knows I’m dead so I have to accept it I’m dead. But the heart tells you your life I can’t feel anything all I can feel is nothing it simply emptiness.  I have nothing anymore I could had a family like you I could have been so much to the world I could’ve been next to my brother on a new adventure. like you have it right now I could’ve been a new baby sleeping with my broader in his own   crib it is very funny for me watching you chew on the crib you must hate that crib so much. But look at the sky about you and it is time for you to release your true powers you are something new that the scientist created you for. And I could’ve been back to but I only crossed over to one thing and ultimate life form. I didn’t get close enough to the Mega life form when the Robots was protecting me I felt already crossed over mega  life form. but I didn’t I only crossed over but my people on the family North tried to save me they even try to keep the monster from getting me I was simply cute in that shallow water. I was simply happy that I was coming becoming something great the world want to be to become. something great and would you know it I was the first one to become something great in that machine but I never got to see my real father again he sent me to the North planet all because of his broader Beltran stole you from me. When I was in the bedroom which you in your crib I was sleeping and holding your hands I was simply not the let go of it we were both holding each other’s hands as family. Beltran came to the window was coming for you I open my eyes and looked at the window. I wanted to cry but I was scared what would he do to us I simply put my whole hands around you. So he will let go I had tears in my eyes when I saw him try to grab you after he grabs you and jumped out of the window. I cried aloud that my brother was stolen from me and the soldier guards opened the door and saw. a missing child and it was you it was because Jeff Ross wouldn’t  hand over the monster to him that’s what happens when you don’t give something to your brother he take something from. You and he doesn’t give it back to you. hand it over it can be anything that he wants that he could take from you don’t you remember the past broader we are belong to the underside this is not our true home. Are true home is satirists planet but you were chosen to protect this planet from that monster. But it’s a little bit hard for you to notice that sonic is not the hero you supposed to be this time. But sonic can also be a hero which you. A simple baby like you are hero can you be a hero that is strong in this world are you brave enough to fight in the darkness flame. Show me what you got broader how could you fight me as a going to tear you apart and I don’t care if I throw my dirty diaper on your face. What you say about me out there you talk to a girl like me I don’t even smell you have a habit of rudeness. this places where you going to get hurt once I destroy you I am going outside to the city and finish his job burn your city to the ground. And your family in my first target be your daddy sonic and you’re second Amy Rose they are going to feel child’s death when they fall to the ground. What’s the matter brother scared I hope you don’t wet your diaper because it’s going to be swept when I’m through which you. Baby Greed said you’re not going to let you harm my daddy as I know he is strong we’ve been  together we traveled the world faced our destinies together I I’m not going to let you hurt my daddy I’m going to destroy you why would you turn against me sister I don’t get this. I have a twin sister. You don’t remember me do you broader. It’s like you lost all your memories of me. You don’t remember how you used to become born to the world. Are king and everything might diaper that you see I drew the colors of the the chaos emeralds when they came out of your body in the bedroom. Because I wanted to keep memories of you I can’t draw your body and face so I drew your chaos emeralds. But the thing is it was a bad thing I did the monster found the writing on my diaper. In the past. And he did something to me but I’m not going to tell you that. Into I get that memory back to your head. I want you to remember that we are twins and we both have the same blood but mine is dark. Let me tell you a tale of your history memories of some of your beginnings when you first laid eyes on me when you were a baby boy There is one thing you already know. you have a father and there are two you’re ready know and you say the real father is sonic and you call him daddy but is that true is sonic your real father you. Don’t remember someone of your true father is do you remember who is the true father of you do. You baby greed. Do you remember of the third one no one told you about that that they. Baby Greed said third father I don’t understand. who you’re talking about what I have a third father.Jessa Belle said yes you don’t remember I see it in your eyes. you are having a twitching scare and your legs are starting. To shake it seems you don’t remember please stop shaking your legs. You look like a scaredy baby and embarrassing and embarrassing baby Tell me. who is your real father Baby Greed said sonic the hedgehog Jessa Belle no he is not your real dad but he does take care of you and I know you know that somebody told you that sonic and Amy is not your real mom and dad. But you still accept Sonic and Amy as your mom and dad’s amazing for a baby who doesn’t leave his mom and dad sonic. And Amy. One more time who is your real dad? Baby Greed said is it really Cody’s the king of Rohan defender of the sword and shield. Jessa Belle said No my brother that is wrong again you really don’t remember


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