Conduct GuidelinesEdit

Editing UserpagesEdit

A user should not edit another user's user page unless:

  • The page violates wiki policy; please notify an Administrator in this case so that appropriate warnings can be issued.
  • The page owner gives permission to make changes.
  • The edit is minor, with the intent to fix a mistake or problem on the page; a user who makes an edit in this way should notify the page's owner immediately afterward to avoid confusion.

Edit warsEdit

There is no firm definition on The Creativity Wiki for an 'edit war.' Typically, when two or more users within a short window of time make multiple edits to a page, with the result of those edits being that the same or similar information is repeatedly removed and re-added, those actions constitute an edit war.

  • This is especially true if this behavior causes a distraction on the wiki, or overflows into other areas of the wiki.
  • This also applies to cases where two or more users repeatedly revert edits of other users.
  • Editors should start a discussion and reach consensus on the article's talk page rather than engage in edit wars.
  • Administrators may issue warnings or blocks for edit wars, and may temporarily protect articles to stop edit warring.


Administrators may issue a {{Warning}} to users who violate policy or are otherwise not acting in good faith. Warnings are not meant to be punishments, but rather are meant to get a user's attention related to a particular action or actions.

  • Warnings may be deleted as soon as they are received.
  • Warnings are generally not debatable. If an administrator gives multiple unfair warnings, it may be proper to contact a bureaucrat, but most warnings are justifiable.
  • Failure to remedy warned behavior is grounds for block or ban.

Administrators are not required to issue warnings before issuing blocks, especially if the offending behavior is clearly not in good faith or is particularly negative. Additionally, non-administrators can issue non-template warnings, but these warnings may not threaten further action against a user. Non-administrators who issue these warnings should immediately inform an administrator.

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