The Battle of Nomonhan

(All text is in Russian, but translated to english for convenience.)

Samuil Sharov, Colonel General of the central Soviet-Japanese Border.

September 16th, 1939

The Japanese were constantly having border conflicts with the Soviet Union and Mongolia, and thus, the Soviets wished to convince the Japanese forces to back off, and simply stick to China.

Samuil was given command of a large force, situated at a military base which the Japanese forces were slowly surrounding.

They had not an idea of the fact that they were the ones to die.

Samuil's huge army proceeded to split, hoping to crush the northern and southern originally Chinese cities, with the North half ripping apart the northern Japanese army, before attacking the flank of the south.

The Japanese were entirely surprised at how fiercely the Soviets managed to push, despite being surrounded.

Did they have no such thing as fear for their own lives?

The Manchukuo army was quickly underestimating the power of both the Soviets and the Mongolians, pushing them back constantly.

The Japanese would either keep to their own lands or all die by the hand of the Red Army.

The northern Japanese army was almost wiped out almost instantly, the Japanese were slowly realizing this was not the same as 1904, this was not a slaughter by the Japanese,

This was a massacre by the Russians.

The southern and central Japanese armies were holding on, if only barely, against the overwhelming Soviet armies.

The southern army finally cracked under the pressure, soldiers either retreating, raising their arms to the air, or choking on their own blood, waiting for a bullet to meet their skull.

The northern Japanese army entirely routed, the northern Soviet force going south, in hopes of surrounding the last border-army of the Japanese.

The southern army was now destroyed, as well.

All that remained being a small force of Manchurian soldiers, which were quickly wiped out by the massive Soviet armies.

Within hours, the Japanese had signed a armistice with the Soviets after the battle.

As the first signs of a war in Europe  had begun showing.

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