Battle of Dunkirk

June 3rd, 1940.

Tristen Isadore was the commander of a small French force. The Germans had pushed deeply through all of France, conquering the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

The British had realized there was no longer much of a chance for French survival, but continued assisting them nonetheless.

The army at Dunkirk was faced with Germans to the south and the sea to the north. Thus, their only hope was to evacuate to Britain and hope their country isn't occupied without them. 

The germans were nearing ever closer to Dunkirk, while a few French and British ships began clogging the sea-pass towards the few remaining French ports, hoping to hold until the evacuation ended.

The regular soldiers were to retreat first, then artillery and their operators, and then armored and mechanized forces.

The massive armies of the Germans had finally arrived, the French positions threatening to collapse under the pressure.

But despite this, they were still just barely holding, retreating artillery occasionally pausing to fire onto the advancing Germans, while tanks opened up constant holes in their lines before backing away back to Dunkirk.

The Germans continued their push, but began slowing down as they realized the French weren't as helpless as the previous countries they had fought.

The evacuating forces finally began arriving on the British coasts, welcomed by the military forces waiting on the coast.

The main vanguard of the Germans was pushed back, the chance of a successful evacuation being more than possible.

More and more of the evacuating troops began arriving at Britain, while the Germans simply began shelling the sea in spite, occasionally killing a few French soldiers.

The entirety of the British Expeditionary Force, and the army under command of Tristen, had evacuated to Britain, the Germans having gained a few towns and ports, but not causing any major casualties towards the Allied forces.

But soon, they will..


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