Strata Headwear, LLC
Era Unspecified
Appearances Unspecified
Homeworld Thunderland/Asunderland
Affiliations Independent
Main purpose To produce top hats for Thunderlanders

Strata Headwear, LLC is a hat-making company in Thunderland that specializes exclusively in top hat designs. It was founded by the Teamaster, and is therefore considered a prestigious business enterprise, respected quite highly all over Thunderland for their exquisite hats. The company's masterpiece, the ceramic Teapot Top Hat, resides upon the Teamaster's head itself. Another highly appreciated hat design is the Pillar Hat, which the Teamaster gave to his fellow society mate, the Hatter.

It is currently unknown what became of the company after Thunderland became corrupted into Asunderland, though if the company still existed afterwards than it likely either operated without its founder (who had gone stark-raving mad) or possibly became a dangerous work environment under the corrupted Teamaster's tight-fitting boot.

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