You are a FOOL!, Dark King!, doomed to be forever blinded by the thick shroud of your own ignorance!, though my body may have long since been destroyed, my mind long since left its pathetic human constraints, my soul will remain!, you shall never understand that!. It doesn't not matter if i perish, my work shall continue!, the Gravity Children project exist only to ensure humanity transcends its limitations!, i shall live on!, that is why you, i, and why she exists!, my daughter is nothing more than a tool for ushering in the future of humanity!
"A Hollow Truth"
Shattered Humanity
General Information
Species Cyborg
Gender Male
Age 67(Ceased Aging)
Location Trophaeum Tower
Occupation Mad Scientist
Affiliation Himself
Relations Many
Weapon Information
Weapon Element Laser
Signature Weapon Beam Sabers
Game Information
Other Information
Status Active
Creator TOAA

Stefano Sinroh is a European scientist that played a huge role in the Gravity Children Project. He calls himself and is acknowledged "The Father" of Salia Sinroh, being the lead designer and overseer of The EVE Project. Throughout his lifetime he earned multiple prestigious awards for revolutionary discoveries in the fields of medical science and body modification.


Having forsaken his humanity in all imaginable forms, Stefano has modified his body from head to toe with hyper advanced cybernetic limbs and components, heavily enhancing his capabilities far beyond their original human limits. He has little to no semblance of humanity left in his physical appearance, now a towering gigantic cyborg creature. He hides his appearance underneath a large cloak that he wears draped over his shoulders. Very little of his body still remains organic and is now kept alive by advanced life-sustaining internal engines.



Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Behind The ScenesEdit

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