General Information
Environment Halfway between the transcendental plane and this one
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Pure-Energy
Biological Information
Lifespan Infinite
Locomotion Floating and flying
Feeding Behavior Pure energy
Lineage Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Varies by individual, though usually either neutral or chaotic evil.
Affiliation(s) Ancients (Founder and Leader race along with the Dragoon)
Yolthus Independency
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Other Information
Creator Somarinoa

Starriders are partially-transcended beings of pure energy who wear insulating cloaks to prevent their massive energy levels from decimating everything they come in contact with; however, they can unleash massive energy blasts on those who threaten them. The Starriders were the founders of the Ancients along with the Dragoon, which was a loose affiliation of very ancient alien races. Starriders do not interact with younger races for fear they might unintentionally corrupt them, much like the Mnemosyne.

A malevolent form of Starriders do exist, known as Dark Starriders who inflict harm on others. However, at least one Dark Starrider was known to aid other members of the Ancients in the defeat of The Great Threat on planet Omess, showing that they are still capable of making judgment calls for themselves.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Richter (though no non-Ancients know of his species)

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