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"There's...there's blood on the walls. Help us! Help us!"
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Opening Theme Song: Leave it aloneEdit

Whatcha doin'
Not much
What's this?
Don't touch
Don't be so curious
Just leave it alone
It's none of your business
Just let it all go

I need you
I want you
Please don't let it be
I showed you my feelings
How can this be?
You turned away from me

Whadya say?
Keep your mouth shut
Don't say a word
Just sit back and listen
It's all about feeling
It's all about trust
Just leave it alone
Don't touch

Episode 3: The Arrival, Part 2Edit

Originally Written: 10:10 PM Monday, May 31st, 1999 AD

Romiko: [confused; looking towards where the 5 spacecraft landed just moments earlier] What the hell's goin' on, Shi?

Shiike: [also confused, and also looking towards downtown Tokyo.] I dunno...

Romiko: [Looks into the sky and screams in fright] Shi! Look! Two more of them! [points to two dots in the sky. As one grows smaller as it heads toward the center of Tokyo, one gets bigger as it heads right for...]

Romiko: [Once again screams, but this time in terror] Aiiiii! That one's heading straight for us! [runs behind Shiike and cowers behind her]

Shiike: [turns her head to look at Romiko and speaks to her in an angry tone] Hey! I ain't no human shield for you to use to protect yourself from what-ever-they-are, ya know! [pulls away from Romiko] Now let's get behind some real cover! [grabs Romiko's arm and drags her off behind a large boulder that sticks up a little on the side facing the opposite direction that the rubble of the Starlet Mall resides. Shiike pushes Romiko under the boulder and then climbs under herself.]

Romiko: [looking up at the rock, wincing] Uh... Shi?... Are ya sure... this's... safe? [closes her eyes tight and shudders.]

Shiike: [concerned look on her face] Well... no, not exactly. But, at least we'll be protected against any explosion that might occur from that thing smacking into the earth...

[camera flashes white as the spacecraft impacts with the surface and creates a great explosion. Both Shiike and Romiko hold each other as they scream bloody murder. As the screen fades back to normal colors, Romiko starts bawling.]

Romiko: [between sobs] I... want... to... go... home!!! Waaaaaa! [continues to bawl loudly]

Shiike: [harshly] Ssh! Do you want whatever's in that giant golfball to hear you and come over here and find us and do who-knows-what-to-us? [Romiko, still with tears in her eyes, stops crying abruptly and shakes her head slowly.]

Shiike: Then follow me. [Shiike gently takes hold of Romiko’s forearm and brings her out from behind the rock and takes her to a small hill above the crater where they can safely peer into the gigantic hole.]

[camera pans around from facing Shiike and Romiko to a first-person perspective. The view is a gruesome scene: Below them lies a huge crater, spanning as far as the naked eye could see. The crater is so deep, one would have to squint to see the spacepod directly in the middle of the crater. A gust of wind carrying bits of leaves and other lightweight debris appears from the right side of the screen and swirls off to the left side of the screen.]

[camera pans in slowly until it reaches the edge of the crater, where it fades in on the barely-dented spacepod. The sounds of pistons driving are heard as the door opens on the one-man craft. As the door slowly but steadily opens, the silhouette of a man-like creature slowly appears.]

Romiko: Eeeeee! [Shiike clasps her hand over Romiko’s mouth before the alien notices them.]

Shiike: [eyes narrow as she sees the alien step out of his one-man spacecraft and out into the gaping hole of a crater.] Hey? He doesn't look like an alien to me...

[Pan camera slowly inside the crater to the alien, who is shadowed so he cannot be seen. He turns around, and the shadow dissipates, revealing him as a being almost identical to a human; except for a red glass over his left eye, a metal cover over his ear with an antenna popping out of the top... and a tail.]

Alien: [pushes a button on his ear cover and a receiver pops out for him to talk into. He begins to speak.] This is Captain Kaklak Vorion. Raiders, report in to me. I need status reports from everyone. Come back.

Voice #1: This is First Lieutenant Jakfus Karlou. I have landed safely on the surface.

Voice #2: This is High Marauder Zi Teku. I have also landed safely on the surface.

Voice #3: This is Naupa Kilion. I've landed on the surface.

Voice #4: This is Gogee Taayn. I've impacted.

Voice #5: This is Kin Kin Ryou. I've landed.

Voice #6: Darliak reporting in. I've laned a spheriball into the gutter...

Kaklak: [annoyed] What are you talking about, Darliak!? Get to work!

Darliak: Y—yes sir. <sniffle>

Voice #7: This is Death Marshal Dayn. The other 10 raiders are still on their way.

Kaklak: Well... they'd better hurry if they want a piece of the action! [laughs menacingly] Alright... head out! [Shiike gasps as Kaklak rises slowly into the air and begins to float towards the hill.]

Shiike: [whispering desperately] Meek! We gotta get outta here! Otherwise, that guy'll see us!

Romiko:[turns her head to face her sister] I got ya. But first, there's something I've gotta do...

Shiike: [curious] Oh... and what who that be?

Romiko: [rolls down the hill while whispering] Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! [reaches the bottom and quietly cries out to Shiike] Wow! That was fun! Come on, sis! You try it!

Shiike: [narrows her eyes at Romiko] uh... okay. [rolls down the hill] Alright, let's get back underneath that rock.

Romiko: [triangle-shaped eyes] Oakee Doakee! [gives Shiike a thumbs-up and gets under the rock]

[Shiike gets under the rock just in time to see Kaklak Vorion fly off covered with what looks to be blue flame]

[cut camera to Oki running through a forest. She looks away from the camera, which is on her right side.]

[cut camera to Oki’s face. Her eyes widen.]

[cut camera to show a large, white flame fly by the female ninja. Oki turns her head towards her right side.]

[cut camera to show another white flame fly by on her right side.]

[cut camera to once again show Oki’s right side. She instantly stops and waits for a split second before jumping into the air. As her feet reach waist-level, she stops in midair, and turns her body into a horizontal position. A whitish flame appears suddenly over her body and she speeds off at over a hundred miles an hour, destroying all trees and other obstacles before her.]

[cut camera to show 8 blue flame high in the air flying through the sky in a V-shape to an unknown destination]

[cut camera to show a far off view of Shiike pulling Romiko out from underneath the boulder.]

[cut camera to the left side of Shiike’s face. Show a white flash appear upon her temple and her eyes get wide. A sound sounding sorta like “Speeroo” is heard.]

[cut camera to the right side of Romiko’s face. Show a white flash appear upon her temple, too. Her eyes narrow. That “Speeroo” sound is heard again.]

Shiike: [eyes narrow menacingly as she turns her head to face Romiko] Did you feel that? I sense trouble.

Romiko: [still looking into the sky, nods once] Let's go.

[White flames appear over both Shiike and Romiko, and they fly off after the 8 menacing flames.]

**    *      *      *      *      *  COMMERCIAL BREAK  *      *      *      *      *      **

[The 8 blue flames land in a sparsely populated area of town, although before the eight aliens landed had been overly populated, since it is the middle of the city. The eight aliens are still in a V-shape, and as the blue flames begin to dissipate, we see Kaklak in front, who is a medium alien with long black hair that reaches down to the back of his knees. Then there is Jakfus, who is a small alien with black hair in the shape of a spike. Next, there is Zi, who is a small alien with black hair in the shape of a flame. Then there is Naupa, a large alien with a black goatee and mustache but his head is bald. Then there is Gogee, who is a medium-sized alien with black hair in the shape of a long ponytail. Next, there is Kin, who is a large alien with black hair slicked back with a few strands of hair hanging loose over his forehead. There is also Dayn, who is tall but surprisingly lean, and he keeps his hair in liberty spikes that lean slightly to his left side—he also has a tattoo of his species' skull shape emblazoned over his face. And finally, there is Darliak, who is a small alien with obviously unkempt, messed-up black hair.]

Naupa: [5 seconds after the camera takes in all eight of the menacing characters] Boss, I'm bored!

Kaklak: [smirk on his evil face] Don't worry, Naupa! She'll come. Then we'll get her for the injustice she caused to my brother!

Naupa: [mumbling under his breath] I'm still bored.

Kaklak: [turns to face Naupa, looking angrily at his larger lackey] What was that you said, Naupa?

Naupa: [3 sweat drops appearing suddenly on his bald forehead] Uh... [thinking fast] ...I said... My arm is sore!

Kaklak: [eyes narrow as he looks Naupa up and down] Okay.

Darliak: [pops his head up above Kaklak’s right shoulder, sounding really excited] So, boss? We gonna strike them in the Arturian pothole, or what?

Kaklak: [punches Darliak in the face with the back of his hand without turning around] Whatever-the-hell-that-means... no. Now get back into formation before I hurt more than your pretty face!

[Darliak runs back to his position, whimpering]

Kaklak: [Turns his head sideways and looks at his lackeys menacingly through the corner of his eye] That goes for the rest of you, too. Got that?

Kaklak’s Lackeys: [eyes get wide and they nod their heads in unison] Uh-huh... Uh-huh...Uh-huh! [one of Kaklak’s lackeys gulps loudly. Kaklak smirks.]

Kaklak: [turns his head so that it faces forwards again] Good.

[Kaklak hears what sounds like distant jet engines getting closer coming from a deep dense forest directly in front of him.]

Kaklak: [grinning] She's here.

Naupa: [looks downcast] Whoopie.

Kaklak: [turns to face Naupa] What was that!?

Naupa: Uh... [thinking quick] ... Whoopie!

Kaklak: [smirks and turns back around] That's better.

Ending Theme Song: Grand Theft (You stole my heart)Edit

The day we first met I despised you
I hated your guts from the start
Then you came out and said that you love me
and all that I did was throw up

Don't get me wrong: it's not that I don't love you
Even though I hated you right from the start
You grew on me like some sorta fungus
You've committed Grand Theft; You stole my heart!

Why'd it have to be this way?
Why did you have to go out and say
“Take me, I'm yours, I love you” and
“I've needed you ever since the start”

Can't you see that I love you?
Well, no, 'cause I don't let it show
Don't you know it's a crime to commit Grand Theft?
Especially when stealing someone's heart

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