Sr. Simm
Señor Simm
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Height Unspecified
Affiliation Wrestlevania
Era Modern Era
A sus órdenes!
Simm, taking commands from Count Smackula
By your command!
Simm, taking commands from Count Smackula (English translation)
Simm, preparing for a match
Simm, preparing for a match (English translation)

Señor Simm (often abbreviated to Sr. Simm) is a fashionable Mexican citizen, in stark contrast to Sanchez, whom he formerly had significant issues with though this is no longer the case due to certain events involving his retirement.


Sr. Simm MS Sprite His preferred clothing to wear is fancy and fringed in golden tassels on the arms and legs, while comfy cowboy boots adorn his feet.




During his initial tenure as a wrestler, Simm had a serious disliking for fellow Mexican wrestler Sanchez, who he saw as perpetuating a hurtful stereotype.

Background HistoryEdit

Simm had been fighting a long time as a professional wrestler and was considered one of the greatest wrestlers of his age. However, when the time came and he attempted to finally retire, Count Smackula and his many employees would not have it—as they saw it, he still had a lot of fight left in him. They captured him and installed a microchip into his scalp to help control his brainwaves; while this lets them force him to fight, it was constructed from old technology and as such, possesses little internal memory; because of this he is forgetful, and sometimes forgets his actions (including his attacks)—sometimes even mid-swing.

Behind the scenesEdit

Somarinoa developed him by combining a large number of things into one corporeal figure, after receiving a name request from a fan for creation of another professional wrestler character based simply off a name:

  • "For "Sr.", I combined the words "senior" (making him a senior citizen), "señor" (making him of Mexican descent and deciding on him having a distinguished personality) and "seniority" (making him a professional wrestler from long ago, giving him seniority in affect over other wrestlers)."
  • "For "Simm" I combined "simple" (his outfit is that of a Mexican guitar player), "simian" (being treated as little more than an ape and being forced to keep doing what his "benefactors" want, no matter what his own desires might be and no matter what the possible risk of harm to him could be—like chimps formerly used in various fields of testing) and "SIMM card" formerly used in computers (this gave him the computer chip to control his mind - also, early 30-pin versions often had only 256k to 1mb of memory, hence him having a "shoddy memory" similar to Alzheimer's)."

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