When Sonic have, 50 rings he open the doorway to a special stage And baby greed grew. White wings on his back In this stage baby Greed has finally become the white wings first time, baby greed can fly, in the stage this stage is meant for flying sonic speed, through the portals here baby greed, can carry Sonic on for a lovely fly but be careful there are. enemies in the sky so sonic will have to do is jumping hit them be careful some of the enemies will fire at you is the enemies hit, the baby it's over he will fall takes a few hits to hurt the baby so this is what you can do Sonic you have to steer your baby to the left. and right by telling him where to go In this world you will have to catch the when. it's like Sonic Riders they also have a special stage in the sonic riders. city square arena, race in this special stage it's meant for flying This world is so cool Nothing but diamonds and stars. everywhere maybe, greed is cute when he's flying just be careful not to let go of his hand you see nothing but crystals moving it so pretty when you look at them the world is color like shiny crystal the sky is blue on the stage but beautiful And it's night time a beautiful night Collect 250 rings to get the 1 Chaos Emerald, and the. fusion emerald crystal 500 twin rings for 5 fusion emerald crystal collect them both collect those too. Remember what I told you he is faster flying, slow running he's got the same limits as a Amy speed but he's very fast in the sky he's got the speed, of Sonic speed but in the sky is 5% faster than Sonic in the sky including supersonic when. you're super sonic it will be tough to catch him if he's white wing like I said jump across pass to catch him and beat him in a race this one's fun, in special stages you get to enjoy the sky with the little one it so fun to be King of the sky And sweet diamonds as you fly across them Look around you you see nothing but, diamonds and stars its like you in space but you're just in a diamond world How much beautiful colors you see around you Like a rainbow.This is the coolest, special state you ever been to and you want to go back there again.


If Sonic, and Baby greed were facing off in a race it'll probably be an even match speed and flying speed. The pass the sonic goes to baby greed cannot, catch the when there he will probably lose his wings and fall there is no stream energy there Sonic. got the advantage there baby greed gotta find the fastest way to beat Sonic They both got it. even speed match we don't know who will win they both got the same speed from ground in sky including supersonic. It's an even speed for Sonic and super sonic if Even if Sonic was super sonic Baby Greed. power will be linked to the Chaos Emeralds that means baby greed will increase its speed they will still be even Chaos Emeralds. our energy to him making him way stronger and it could feed energy to the baby one it'll make baby green glow like fire like a red light. Once sonic turns Super Sonic baby greed will start glowing, The effects of supersonic are making baby greed stronger and faster than making them even.It's the original Chaos Emeralds are making them stronger its linked to the baby ones. That's why baby greed is glowing, it's the Chaos Emeralds the red one is being controlled by the big ones the others its making him stronger. The original ones are the controllers of the baby ones because they created them. baby chaos emeralds in him the original ones are the masters of the little ones let just say the original ones are the mother and father 

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