Here is a gallery of the numerous pieces of fan art Somarinoa has done over the years. Universes are listed in alphabetical order, but images are placed in chronological order of creation. Currently, Somarinoa's Ultimate Showdown and Amalgam Online projects are not expected to make an appearance here due to the sheer vastness of said projects. With that in mind, however... Enjoy!

Art by Others Edit

This gallery is art drawn by other people as fan art of Somarinoa and his creations. None of this should be construed as drawn by him.

Alien Anthology Edit

Any artwork of mine based on either the Aliens or Predator series, or the (so-far stand alone) movie Prometheus.

Alien Hominid Edit

Castlevania Edit

Dead Rising Edit

Diablo Edit

Dick Tracy Edit

Donkey Kong Country Edit

DooM Edit

Earth Defense Force Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

Gremlins Edit

Legacy of Kain Edit

McDonald's Edit

Mega Man Edit

Metroid Edit

Pokémon Edit

Resident Evil Edit

Silent Hill Edit

Star Control Edit

Super Mario Bros. Edit

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Edit

The Legend of Zelda Edit

The Neverhood Edit

Ultima Edit

Warcraft Edit

X-COM Edit

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