Solleston as seen from orbit.

Solleston is the second planet in the Tromin System. Strange signals were detected emanating from the planet, and it was here that the Price Gouger was first sent to investigate after leaving the orbit of their beloved planet Angion. It was discovered that the signal came from a downed spaceship, leading to the Zavvaku's first signs of proof of alien life on other planets.

The world is notable as the only world in the Tromin system to naturally possess flora; no faunal life was detected, however.

Because of the current Zavvaku strategy of claiming other planetary systems before some other race may do the same thing, the world has been barely even explored by the Zavvaku Empire. As such, it is currently of very minimal value to the Zavvaku outside of historic importance, although this will likely change at some point in the future, when they feel comfortable that they possess enough planetary systems to compete with other local sapient races.

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