Aurix Xenomorph
Slayer-strain Xenomorph
"Aurix Alien"
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Unknown
Diet Carnivore
Average Height Unspecified
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
(Sapient in Slayer Queen form)

Slayer-strain Xenomorphs, sometimes simply referred to as "Aurix Aliens" to note their origins, are a large strain of Xenomorphs that have been witnessed as having occurred on worlds where Aurix may be found - usually this refers to Aurixan colony worlds, although there have been notable cases of other occurrences, such as an Aurix invasion of a world that was then discovered to have a Xenomorph infestation.

Because of their hosts' inherently large size and bone structure, Slayers are incapable of the usual agility found in other Xenomorph strains. However, their larger size affords them significantly increased survivability. Genetic manipulation by the Chestburster has altered the natural arms they have, and instead Slayers have replaced these with four extra tails, built from the DNA strands that determine the existence of the Aurix's four tentacle-arms. As one could figure, this drastically increases their solitary threat level. These new tails can be swept around to hit multiple targets, or can be brought down upon individuals. They are almost prehensile and therefore those taking on a Slayer must be extra careful as they have five large stingers to keep their eyes out for, as well as the death petal and its double jaw, the killing claws on the feet, and the acidic blood that will be released upon injury.

Because Slayers are so large naturally, if a nest consists of no other species (or is built mainly around this strain), it will oftentimes be a smaller nest than one might usually find. One should worry most around these on Aurix colony world infestations, as the chances of the Queen having been birthed from an Aurix are vastly improved upon, and Slayer Queens will breed specialized Facehuggers intended to subdue Aurix easier.

See Also Edit

  • Aurix (host species)
  • Slayer Queen (Queen Xenomorph hatched from an Aurixan host)
  • Petalhugger (Specialized Facehuggers intended to impregnate Aurix)

Notes from the Creator Edit

"For quite a while now (years) I've wondered what an Aurix-hosted Xenomorph (you know, the aliens from the Alien series) would look like.

I never did it because Xenomorphs are kind of intimidating to draw. It only took a few years but I worked up the gaul to do it! I decided to call it a Slayer-strain, if only because "Ravager-strain" is already used for an existent Xenomorph breed.

Since Aurix tentacle-arms do not possess bone (except for the hunting claws), I decided that these would be transformed into four extra tails. Also, while its mouth is covered, the Xenomorph has a smaller version of the "death petal" split jaw mouth of its Aurixan host, as well as the killing claws and three toes instead of six."