The Silver Isles are a collection of artificial islands in low orbit.  Argent created them for use as a base of operations.


The Silver Isles are a collection of eight large islands and several hundred smaller ones.  These large islands are generally about one mile in diameter, and each one belongs to either Argent or one of the Avatars.  The entire island chain occupies a sphere of air 20 miles in diameter, located 500 miles above the surface and completing an orbit once every two hours unless Argent uses his power to move it.

Island PrimeEdit

This island is an utterly barren rock, with all life burned away by Argent's presence.  Argent's palace sits in the center, built like a very large medieval castle and made entirely of Argent's Aura.  He is the only resident of the island, as only the Avatars are strong enough to spend any length of time there.

Island ZeroEdit

This island is Typhon's home.  It is littered with ancient ruins, with the only standing structure being a Roman-style temple where Typhon resides.  The island teems with captive humans strong enough to survive Typhon's Aura; they exist mainly to feed Typhon's narcissism by waiting upon his every whim.

Island OneEdit

Island One is Belial's lair, and has a suitably hellish environment.  It is highly volcanic, despite its small size, and all structures, including Belial's fortress, are made of steel heated to temperatures extremely dangerous to humans but harmless to Auraphages.

Island TwoEdit

Kali uses this island as her base.  The island houses a series of gray, block-shaped buildings, with Kali's palace being differentiated from the rest only by its large size.

Island ThreeEdit

Medusa resides here.  This island is covered in a beautiful garden, but everything there, down to the last insect, is deadly poisonous.  Medusa's home is a grand mansion, attended by human servants.

Island FourEdit


Island FiveEdit

This island has a higher population than all the other large islands combined.  It is a filthy place covered with slums, which extend into caverns going all the way through the island.  Humans fight amongst themselves for dominant positions under Auraphage masters, who in turn fight for dominance under Archon.  Archon rules from a magnificent palace where (s)he exercises complete control over those slaves unfortunate enough to be his/her favorites.

Island SixEdit

This island is a fetid forest where the trees are constantly rotting and the wildlife is disease-ridden.  Wormwood, and later Fester, rule the island from a large, hollowed-out tree.

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