Shinzoku are user TOAA's ultimate species and the one that will be written with most effort. The Shinzoku, who's names translate to "Heavenly Beings" are a near extinct species of powerful warriors who hold even greater strength and ability then that of the Khalosians. The are a species of gods and transcendentals that watch over the universe and are capable of altering and reprogramming their own states of existance how they see fit. For this Reason, a Shinzoku can disguise itself in nearly any form or nature without its enemy being aware that it is indeed a Shinzoku.

They are administrative beings that work towards the greater good for the universe, multiverse, and beyond. They are eternal watchers that interveen and balance out key events in the universe which can have a potentially multiversal scale consequence or outcome and alter said event so as to cause the least "troublesome" outcome. The Shinzoku take heavy inspiration from the Shinto Gods in the native religious/mythical beliefs of Japan, and are stylized in both appearance and nature of power so as to equate to said mythology. The Shinzoku are viewed as being narcissists in the eyes of others due to the fact that they are simply heavily altered creatures that have taken the liberty of acting as creations protectors and administrators.


The Shinzoku have since diminished and are rare, being few and far between. Most current Shinzoku are surmised as not even being aware that they are Shinzoku to begin with. They have existed for infinite millenia and are an extremely advanced race of transcendental beings that seem to utilize a unique blend of technology and supernatural forces so as to obtain "perfection". In this right, The Shinzoku were obsessed with the concept of "perfectly everything" and were perfectionists in every single extent of the word. They modified their bodies constantly working towards higher and more incredible levels of power and capability, being massively strong Post-human super sapients who understood the universe far greater than any other species.




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