Shinya Otogi is an accompice and long-time friend to Rasetsu Shirahana and is one of the characters in Tenjou Tenge: Ultimate Fight.


Shinya is the shortest of the Iron Fist's and his stature is made out to be even more miniature due to the low fighting stance he takes when in battle.


Shinya is charismatic and hyperactive and tends to annoy both his allies and his enemies to a high extent. He often underestimates his opponents and has a habit of dancing on the spot.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Capoeira Discipline: Shinya has crafted his own version of the brazillian dance fighting style. It suits his needs as a person who cannot seem to sit still or remain calm no matter what. He is very effective while using this style and because of this once stood head and shoulders above Rasetsu in terms of fighting skill.

Behind The ScenesEdit