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Seraph Wing
(, Serafu Uingu) is the title given to the storm rider extreme sports team formed by Rasetsu Zankuuga and four other yet unnamed and unknown individuals. They held the title of the strongest and most formidable Air Treck team under the heavens, their fame and fortune surpassing any others. Due to conspiritor acts against them, Seraph Wing has since broken up and its 5 members have been scatterred throughout the globe.


Seraph Wing were the collective living symbol of unlaboured flawlessness. They were international celebrities in the world of extreme sports, having deep rooted ties to both the underground and the professional aspects of Air Treck culture. Each of them were invincible as one, and as a unit they complimented one anothers abilities in an endless cycle of perfection, to the point where they were considered nothing less then gods amongst men. But for this reason, rival factions went to extreme measures in order to see their demise, and eventually Seraph Wings era came to an end, and they broke.

Seraph Wing wielded awesome power, skill, and speed, and had the Regalia to compliment such factors, Each of their Air Treck was stated to be powerful objects from a higher plain of existance that existed as filters and limiters to focus and unleash the members of Seraph Wings awesome power and concentrated and precise fashions.


  • Rasetsu Zankuuga: The former team leader and founder of Seraph Wing, a formerly legendary Air Treck rider who has become "less than dirt" in the eyes of other popular air treck groups. As a man whom once held the title and godfearing moniker of "Dark King Rasetsu" he is now viewed as a dethroned nobody, a shadow of his former self, a has-been and nothing more.
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