All illistrations credit is given to zephyros-phoenix and all permisions granted. Info inspired by a character created by Zephyros-Pheonix.
Sonic chara sepia the satyr by zephyros phoenix-d4kgfg3
Sephia the Satyr
Species Ram or Satyr
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Height 4"2
Weight 92 Lbs
Affiliation Team Drift
Era Era of Payne the Griffin (Series)

Another Sonic character, Sepia the Satyr. He's an anthropomorphic ram, or satyr. Pose reference was Knuckles. His hands were pretty much based on Knuckles' because Sepia is a physical fighter. I imagine his fighting style to be like Major Armstrong's from Fullmetal Alchemist or earthbenders from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Born into the Mythos family, Sepia is the fifth oldest of his siblings. While he does not believe in Garnett's reasons and motives, he remains nonetheless, knowing that being on the opposing end of Garnett would be suicide. He would prefer to go off on his own journey. His greatest ambition is to be the strongest fighter in the world. He is always exercising his strength and physique and challenges anyone he sees as having incredible strength.

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