The Scovillains
Era Mega Man Classic
Appearances Mega Man K Series
Homeworld Earth
Affiliations Dr. Kojiro Peppa
Main purpose To protect Dr. Kojiro from direct
threats, most commonly from
Mega Man.

The Scovillains are a group of Robot Masters who were built by Dr. Kojiro Peppa to serve as his personal bodyguards. As such, they are significantly more powerful than the mad doctor's typical RMs.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Each and every last Scovillain is themed after a type of pepper, as a reference to Dr. Kojiro's surname, Peppa. Kojiro's original name was Dr. Peppa to play off of the Dr Pepper soft drink, though this was switched around to his given name as he evolved into a more sadistic and serious character.
  • The name "Scovillain" is a play on the Scoville scale, which is used to determine pepper cultivar piquance.


Gallery of MembersEdit

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