General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Alternate Names Crahel IV
Planet Type Wild World
Universal Location
Universe SPORE Universe
Kyklos Mythos
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy SPORE Galaxy(SPORE)
Kyklos Galaxy
Amalgam Galaxy(Amalgam Online)
System Crahel System
Position 4th
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Terra-Score T1
Terrain Hue Red
Liquid Hue Blue
Atmosphere Hue Blue
Weather Class Class 1 (Calm)
Tectonics Class Class 2
Water Percentage 10%
Primary Terrain Hilly
Sapients Prima-Terroid
Wildlife None
Vegetation Butrilesque, Purtabella, Stohrlie
Political Information
Affiliation Prima-Terroid
Strategic Information
Economic Value Moderate
Planetary Income None
Expenses None
Strategic Value Prima-Terroid homeworld
Production Value Moderate
Valuable To Prima-Terroid, Zavvaku

Scarus is the fouth planet in the Crahel System and is a wild world. It was one of the worlds that the Zavvaku Empire considered as a new colony world, due to its production of blue spice, useful in the production of sleeping aids. However, in 2,558,801,501 a Price Gouger pilot named Yovosha discovered sapient tribal society sprouting up on its surface. Due to this development, the system was taken off of the Zavvaku Empire's colonial plan least officially.


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