Wings, Please
The EVE Project
General Information
Species Posthuman
Gender Female
Age 18
Location Trophaeum Tower
Occupation Human Weapon
Affiliation The Trophaeum Tower
Relations Rasetsu(Childhood Friend)
Weapon Information
Weapon Element Space
Signature Weapon Her Body
Other Abilities Space Warping
Game Information
Other Information
Status Active
Creator TOAA

Salia Sinroh, more commonly referred to as "The EVE Project" is a since matured gravity child and is one of the gravity children projects most successful products. Salia was of great value and is said to surpass even Dark King Rasetsu in power. Unlike the infamous 28, Salia was not a Gravity Child whom escaped the Trophaeum Tower. This is because her father was a direct affilate of the project and scientist working to replicate Rasetsu's effects in others. It is heavily hinted that of the gravity children, she is the single closest being to the posthuman perfection that the gravity children project wanted to achieve(aside from Rasetsu, the progenitor).

Salia is an Air Treck rider of extreme power and was one of the members of the legendary AT team known as SERAPH WING. Her road is the "Celeste Road" and her title is "The Qauntam Queen" due to the fact she has risen to such a level easily in her lifetime.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Behind The ScenesEdit

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