Sajun Pilferpinch I
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Primary Information
Universe Warcraft
Creator Somarinoa
Status Missing: Current Whereabouts Unknown
Appearances World of Warcraft
Vital Statistics
Species Goblin
Gender Male
Era(s) The Second War
Eye Color Gold
Homeplanet Azeroth
Hometown Undermine, Kezan, Azeroth
Occupation Tinker, Founder of the Eye Above Corporation
Affiliation Eye Above Corporation, Undermine, Old Horde (former)
Allies Zza'zuul
Foes Deathwing
Children Sajun Pilferpinch II (daughter)
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Shrewd business tactics
Weaponry Goblin Blunderbuss

Sajun Pilferpinch I was a Goblin who chose to side his Eye Above Corporation with the Horde during the Second War, operating as a group of spies and scouts. His role in the Second War was never anything more than minor and he and his corporation remained an obscure footnote to the annals of history.

Sajun was always a shrewd businessgoblin. His corporation was often pressed upon others to utilize them in a variety of clandestine roles—scouts, spies, item trafficking, air transport, and espionage including but not limited to the typical Goblin Sappers. To better push his business to his potential clients, he would temporarily rename the corporation after an indigenous species in the environment, which were known for their ability to see all—generally ones that were capable of flight but not always. Examples of this are the Eagle Eye (used during the Second War with the Horde on Azeroth; something the Forest Trolls could associate with, as Sajun had no immediate knowledge of flying species indigenous to Draenor) and Condor Eye (in association with the Tuskarr).

While Sajun utilized Sappers when requested for them and in fact had no issue with other organizations using them, he preferred to keep his own employees alive, partially because his organization was not particularly large and because the more Goblins living under him, the more money he could obtain from them to line his own pockets. It was his organization that invented the Goblin Blunderbuss and created the monstrous Ogre, Zza'zuul.

When the Second War ended with the defeat of the Horde, Sajun like many other Goblins returned to their neutrality. However, near the end of the Third War he rejoined the proceedings; this time he kept his neutrality and would help whosoever brought him the gold he asked for. He took part in several battles during this war and after the war ended he took a transport back to Kezan, intending to spend time with his daughter. However he never arrived at home and no evidence has ever turned up of him.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Sajun was created as a Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness "character" during personally-made maps (essentially just a Goblin Sapper unit with edited stats and range, with the creation of other Sapper units made essentially impossible with a massive increase of cost). He was originally intended to be "chieftain of the Eagle's Eye Clan", although with new information over the years revealing the society of Goblins to be massively different from the Orcs and such, this has been fixed while not actually causing a retcon (which I am personally against).

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