Although she has been at my side more often than my partner, I have never once had to draw her from her resting place on another. That was before I ever came to this accursed cesspool of a settlement. Civilization be damned, this town would be better off burning to the ground.
Detective Rembrandt, upon inspecting the weapon for the first time in-game

SIG Sauer P239

The SIG Sauer P239 is a model of semi-automatic pistol carried by Detective Flint Rembrandt while off duty as his concealed carry firearm. Having been specifically designed for use in law enforcement, it has a DAK trigger system and comes with three magazines, with 7 rounds each.

Despite that he carries the weapon alongside his off-duty handgun as well, the two are not actually used in conjunction with each other; Detective Rembrandt is "too old for raw dogging". It has less firepower but fires faster than his off-duty weapon, the Smith & Wesson Model 5906.

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