"I'm a Super Saiyan!" ~Rohan when he became a super saiyan 1.

Super Saiyan Kid Kaiju by Saiyanime
Primary Information
Status Alive
Inspiration Dragonball Z
Vital Statistics
Species Half saiyan half human.
Ethnicity Causasian
Gender Male
Age 10 years old.
Date of Birth March 6, 2002
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 3'4
Weight 140 Pounds
Homeplanet Planet Earth
Allies Everybody.
Foes Any one who tries to kill him.
Mother Suzuki
Father Leke
Brother(s) Roku, Roten, Signum
Friends Trunks, Goten, Goku, And his family.
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities 100,000
Transformations Super saiyan 1


Rohan was born in Planet Earth he mastered the Kamehameha when Leke, Cucamba were training he was eavesdropping and by surprise he did the Kamehameha when Leke was sparring with Rohan. Rohan was named after Gohan because Leke liked Gohan.


Rohan is more of the easy-going kinda person. He takes fighting kinda easy going or he can be snuck up to very easily and he likes learning new techniques. For example his super saiyan form.


Rohan can be seen in a tank-top and jeans but most often he is seen in his training gear, A red Gi with blackish grayish pants with a black belt and yellow boots.


Great Ape: Rohan was once a great ape but Leke removed his tail when he made his first transformation.

Super Saiyan 1: Rohan unlocked this form when he was sparring with Leke. Leke was surprised at Rohan's power.

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