I won't let anything as trivial as a few drops of Saiyan blood mixed into mine inflate my head. I'll fight my own way, and obtain power my own way. I am me, Rasetsu, not A Saiyan, but a disciple of the martial arts and ways of honor. This power will be mine and mine alone.
Pure Heart & Primal Fury
General Information
Species Saiyan Hybrid
Gender Male
Age 18
Location Earth
Occupation Apprentice Chef/World Savior
Affiliation Many
Weapon Information
Weapon Element Energy
Signature Weapon His Fists/Martial ARts
Other Abilities Teleportation
Weakness Cutting Techniques
Game Information
Level 800
Other Information
Status Active
Creator TOAA

Rasetsu(Man-Eating Devil) is a saiyan-hybrid character in the Dragon Ball universe. This page denotes the Dragon Ball incarnation of the author TOAA's main character. He plays the role of an anti-hero protagonist and his character is not very linear at all, being neither good or evil but rather existing in the "shades of gray". Rasetsu is infamous for being the first person to unlock the saiyan transformation "Super Saiyan Level 5". This is an incredible feat as he does not posess much saiyan DNA in comparison to other Super Saiyans.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Forms & TransformationsEdit

Great Ape(No Longer Available): Rasetsu never actually reached his Great Ape form, though before having his tail permanently sliced off it is heavily assumed that he was capable of reaching it. As a half Saiyan with human sound of mind, Rasetsu's great ape form is a state in which he is proud NOT to have ever entered due to the fact it would turn him savage and into a volatile killing machine that could potentially wipeout all life on the face of the planet with ease.

Super Saiyan: Mastered at a young age though not quite as young as Goten or Trunks, Rasetsu's first super saiyan transformation happenned at the age of 10. Rasetsu's initial super saiyan power was not all too mighty, but due to great training Rasetsu has extracted far greater amounts of power from his Super Saiyan form then what most other saiyans that have this transformation are capable of mustering. Rasetsu considers this form very valuable, and while it is clear that there are stronger super saiyan forms, Rasetsu still strives his best to make his Super Saiyan power as massive as possible. Initially Rasetsu was very unstable while in this state, but after perfecting the forms power he has mental clarity and calmness.

Super Saiyan 2: Rasetsu's "strongest" form, as described by him, even though the Super Saiyan 3 transformation is known as being the clear superior to Super Saiyan 2. Rasetsu's Super Saiyan 2 form is a result of immense training and mental discipline, and he first entered it when feeling a strange power surge inside him while training. Rasetsu himself dares to claim that his "super saiyan 2 transformation is the strongest of super saiyan 2 transformations ever reached by a saiyan". This is because of just how much the forms power startles him, as he continues to train an upgrade his form with just as much dedication as his first super saiyan state.


Behind The ScenesEdit

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