Raleign Darkmoore
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Primary Information
Universe Warcraft
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances World of Warcraft
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Ethnicity Gilnean
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Homeplanet Argus (homeworld)
Draenor (birthplace)
Azeroth (immigrant)
Hometown Stormwind, Elwynn Forest, Eastern Kingdoms
Occupation Warrior
Affiliation Gilneas
Grand Alliance
Foes Burning Legion
The Scourge
Brother(s) Xaerius Darkmoore
Children Perenus Darkmoore
Abilities & Inventory
Transformations Human form
Worgen form
Gear Hearthstone

Background historyEdit

Early YearsEdit

Raleign Darkmoore was born into the wealthy Darkmoore family, residents of the nation of Gilneas. He spent his early years alongside his brother, Xaerius, and from early on the two of them were forced to live by very rigid schedules as their father was a strict individual. Raleign never felt loved enough by their father and sought his father's approval all his life; he finally received it when he joined with the army of Gilneas. This led to a rapidly-increasing obsession with his role as a soldier.

Raleign met, fell in love with and subsequently married another rich Gilnean and the two had a son, whom they named Perenus. His brother sired a daughter only a short while later and while he considered it weird and out of place he allowed the two children to play together, though he had full plans to put a stop to this procedure if they did not grow apart by the time that they hit puberty.

When their father died, Xaerius chose to leave Gilneas to pursue the life of a paladin. While Raleign believed that the usage of magic was "below" the Darkmoores and that only brute physical force could lead one to victory over their enemies, he respected his brother's decision as at least he was choosing to serve as a warrior in his own way. Xaerius was his own man and Raleign could not control his brother, so he barely even tried to convince him to remain a simple warrior. In the end, Xaerius left anyway and took his daughter with him, leaving Perenus alone. To compensate his son's newfound loneliness, he tried to impress his father by showing him some spells that he and his cousin had been practicing. Seeing this act upset the soldier and he immediately chose to enroll his son into a local warrior's academy so that he might stop the silly "spell" business and get to work on preparing to fight any upcoming battle in what he saw as the only trustworthy way to do so. This would be the last Raleign would see his only child until after the Shattering; as it turned out, Perenus grew to resent his father's decision to send him to the academy and upon his 20th year of life he ran away to study under the Kirin Tor in Dalaran.

The Fall of GilneasEdit

A Slight Change of HeartEdit