Primary Information
Universe Mortal Kombat
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances Mortal Kombat ♃
Inspiration Palette-swap ninjas from early MK games
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Homeplanet Earthrealm
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation Tengu Clan
Allies Lin Kuei (tenuous), Death Hand (optional)
Foes Lin Kuei (tenuous), Shirai Ryu, Death Hand (optional)
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Mathematical supergenius
Attire Typical Tengu Clan uniform

Radius is a Tengu Clan assassin.


  • Pythagoras Pummel: Radius' signature move. Named after the Pythagorean theory, the move consists of a powerful punch similar to Mileena's Square Wave Punch, though in the geometric shape of a right triangle. This move is performed slightly differently depending on how Radius is positioned:
    • If standing normally, the attack will consist of a dashing donkey kick diagonally upwards followed by a swift and powerful ground pound punch, and finished up with a ground roll to the original position. The ground roll will cause a "peel out", and his dash back to his starting point will be slightly delayed.
    • If in mid-air, the attack will consist of a diagonal dive. If this dive connects, Radius will grapple his foe and drag them with him for the rest of the attack. Either way once he reaches the ground in his dive he will leap straight into the air using a spinning kick, and finish up with a backflip followed by an elbow dash back to the original position. The attack ends here and Radius will likely fall to the ground afterwards, but he will start out set up for another mid-air strike if the player is fast enough.
    • If crouching, the attack will consist of a quick slide forward followed by a somersault to the space above his original position and finished with a swift strike downwards, causing a small but disorienting shock wave.
  • Jacobi Forcefield: Named after the Jacobi field, Through the use of a thought-provoking kiai, Radius will emit a burst of energy that disrupts attacks and sends the opponent flying back. The move uses mathematical calculation to determine how fast and far it will fling an opponent and ultimately, how much damage it will actually cause. The faster and harder an opponent is moving towards Radius, the faster and harder away they will fly. Enemies standing still will simply be pushed back with only a bare minimum of incurred injury.
  • Unspecified Ability:
  • Unspecified Ability:
  • Unspecified Ability:
  • Unspecified Ability:
  • Unspecified Ability:


  • Drake's Elimination:
  • Unspecified Ability:

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