Quok Miasmite Spore
General Information
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Lineage Information
Cultural Information
Language(s) Varies
Affiliation(s) Iskian Empire
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Other Information
Creator Somarinoa

The Quok are a sapient warrior race that was absorbed into the Iskian Empire by the Isk, who naturally assigned them as warriors within the empire. Quok are very dangerous because they can spread their poisonous miasma around the vicinity where they are standing, even further now thanks to large fans they are now equipped with.

Sporepedia DescriptionEdit


"Quok are a race of sapients with a bizarrely cartoonish look to them; however, on should not let this fool them, as they are fierce opponents. They surround themselves with a poisonous miasma as a defense."

Quok CombatantEdit

The Quok were fierce combatants during their tribal tenure. While they killed many of their own kind, the fields of their miasma spelled doom for many a battlefield's indigenous inhabitants.

Quok SoldierEdit

Quok armoring didn't change much over the ages. While technology was better, battles tended to last longer, and so each soldier was entrusted to bring his own survival kits with him.

Quok MiasmiteEdit

Quok Miasmites are soldiers of the Iskian Empire who wield fans to spread their miasma many times farther that it otherwise would. Their limb tassels are meant to symbolize their many brushes with death.

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