Quaramank as seen from orbit.

Quaramank is the third planet in the Cerma System. An Ice world, it is the primary candidate for Zavvaku Empire colonization due to its production of purple spice. However, current strategic plans involving placement of colonies is still underway as the planet is covered in 90% water, with very little space currently for colonial development. Future colonists would have to be wary of the common ice geysers that erupt from the ocean.

File:Quaramank Surface.png

The world is notable for its numerous undersea craters from past impacts with smaller but presumably deadly celestial objects. It is unclear whether these impacts took place before or after the ocean either existed or was much shallower in quantity, as they show that the objects were able to reach the sea floor in frequency. Some Zavvaku scientists have speculated that this may be how Quaramank received its surprisingly-liquid water, perhaps showing that it was a colonial excursion by some long-forgotten species that became extinct before they could finish the first stage of their intended project. A number of these Macusian theorists state that the purple spice on the planet makes this a much more likely scenario.

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