General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Alternate Names Tuchion III
Planet Type Hell World
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
SPORE Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
System Tuchion System
Position 3rd
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Terra-Score T0
Terrain Hue Hot pink
Liquid Hue None
Atmosphere Hue None
Weather Class Class 0 (Non-existent)
Tectonics Class Class 4 (unstable)
Water Percentage 0%
Primary Terrain Rocky
Sapients None
Vegetation None
Political Information
Affiliation None
Strategic Information
Economic Value None
Planetary Income None
Expenses None
Strategic Value Former Space Pirate ambush site
Production Value Moderate
Valuable To No one

Pyrenovana is the third planet in the Tuchion system and the sister planet to Lacolo. When the Price Gouger first arrived in the system, they detected radio signals from Pyrenovana that appeared to be some form of distress beacon. However, upon arriving on-world to investigate, no signal was found and the price gouger was soon under attack by space pirates. However, these pirates were quickly taken care of. Pirates have yet to show themselves here again, indicating that this may have been a small group stationed only at Pyrenovana as opposed to a larger organization such as the Crux Space Piracy or the Scourge. It is barely considered worthy of becoming a new colony world by the Zavvaku Empire, due to its production of yellow spice.


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