Primary Information
Creator ManraptorHurrr
Status Deceased
Appearances Amerigo: Refocus
Vital Statistics
Species Fallen Angel
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Female
Era(s) Modern Era
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Homeplanet Earth
Foes Amerigo Tranmer
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Can summon demon minions at will
Weaponry Large scythe-like weapon
Attire Bra
Long skirt
I shall ravage the entirety of Heaven, and I will not stop there. I will destroy the mortal world, and if I should have the time, I shall destroy all of Hell as well, claiming all three realms to myself!

Prudence is a fallen angel who was banished from Heaven for treason against God. In order to enact her revenge (or maybe just to take out her anger), she has set out to open up a portal to Hell, which would allow all of the demons in Hell to find their way to the real world as well as cause Hell to merge with the real world. She is armed with a weapon that is similar to a scythe, but with a much more dull blade. This, however, doesn't make the weapon any weaker, for it is filled with unholy power. Prudence has the ability to summon demons at will, although they are normally low ranking ones such as the two scouts she sends out at the beginning of Amerigo: Refocus.

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