Pendulum Man
Pendulum Man
General Information
Species Robot Master
Inspiration Pendulums & severe damage
Gender Male-Programming
Occupation Peppa Number
Affiliation Dr. Kojiro Peppa
Relations Peppa Numbers (siblings)
Scovillains (cousins)
Weapon Information
Weapon Element Cutter
Signature Weapon Pendulum Swing
Game Information
Appearances Mega Man K1
Level Torture Factory
Hit Points 40
Other Information
Status Online
Decommissioned by 21XX
Creator Somarinoa
Swing, swing, swing from the tangles of my heart!
Pendulum Man

Pendulum Man Sprite

Dr. Kojiro's fifth robot master, Pendulum Man was based on the theme of both pendulums and severe damage. He may not look it upon first glance, but he is a deadly RM whose primary focus involves "pendulum technology". His sadistic behavior is on par with both Rush Man and Acid Man. Until his destruction he served as Dr. Kojiro's personal executioner. He is notable for only having one eye, which must shift across his vision lens to alter his view.

Pendulum Man Concept 2

The first full-bodied image drawn of Pendulum Man.

He fights by using his clawed hands, which are attached by long chains to his body, allowing him to fire them out and retract them to try and hit his opponent. However, his signature and his most deadly weapon is his Pendulum Swing, in which he fires his hands from one side of the arena into the middle of the ceiling and then leaps into the air, transforming his body into the shape of a pendulum (his arms move to the top of his head while his legs face outwards and pull in until only the blade of his feet remains out) before swinging across the arena like his namesake.


  • Pendulum Man's new conceptual art was drawn without referencing the old images of him, as Somarinoa had forgotten that he had recovered the full-body image. This is the main reason for the discrepancies between old and new designs. Since he appears more sinister in the newer art, however, this is currently considered the official design of him.
  • Pendulum Man's quotation is a reference to The All-American Reject's Swing, Swing.

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